Akhentek is a dedicated producer, DJ, and studio engineer presently residing in Elphinstone, British Columbia. He has been deeply involved in the growth of tribal dance culture in the Pacific Northwest for close to a decade, disseminating knowledge through communal workshops and rocking dance floors with his hybrid live/DJ sets. Drawing upon a background in biology, his Brazilian genetics, and an innate techno-shamanistic proficiency, Akhentek seeks to activate consciousness and promote energetic experiences using state-of-the-art music technology in his productions and performances. Whether playing downtempo, progressive, or full-on psytrance, Akhentek demonstrates a rare sensitivity to high-level frequencies when orchestrating visionary journeys into the trance state of mind.

Akhentek is an Entheos co-founder and regularly performs at Shambhala, the largest outdoor festival in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from his solo production work, Akhentek is also involved in the collaborative Pharoelidae project, an exploration of cyber-organic audio architectures alongside multi-instrumentalist Margonaut.

Akhentek has been extensively documented in a variety of online locales including h+ Magazine, Michael Garfield, and Psychic Gibbons. This testimonial by Michelle Winegar sums it up:

When I close my eyes, Akhentek’s landscape appears: three-dimensional, architectural, organic, and I become a character inside that landscape. Like Alice after an innocent drink, I open my eyes to a wonder-filled land, and my body has transformed into a ball bearing, slowly circling a large metal funnel in a meditation that moves me towards the event horizon. At the apex, I lose myself and get launched into the middle of an intelligent, orchestral machine, not unlike George Rhoad’s musical sculpture in front of the Vancouver Science World. Both are intelligent, playful organizations of sound, mental floss at its best.