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Omnitropic is a conceptual downtempo and ambient netlabel founded by Basilisk of Ektoplazm, a world leader in free music distribution, and Akhentek in 2009. The objective is to produce a wide range of high-quality downtempo, deep trance, psychedelic dub, space music, ambient, and experimental soundscapes for free download in lossless quality under Creative Commons licenses. Omnitropic is presently working with many artistic collaborators from all around the world to actualize our collective vision. Expect more brilliant sounds from our expanding roster of underground artists as time unravels into memorable moments and speechless bliss!

Omnitropic - Galactic Blue Glyph

Omnitropic emerged from the ether. It is a nebula birthing celestial objects, a womb incubating lifeforms. It is amniotic and subaquatic, form and formless, within and withinfinite. Omnitropic is music without boundaries and potentially limitless scope.

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