Jeremy’s Aura – Stop What You’re Doing

Jeremy's Aura - Stop What You're Doing

Jeremy’s Aura returns to Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic with his second full-length album, Stop What You’re Doing. For Jeremy, this album came about as a direct response to some very unpleasant circumstances in his life. We are ultimately not the ones in control of what happens and sometimes we are left with no choice but to stop what we’re doing. In these troubled times music was a guiding light and savior for Jeremy. Cooped up for several months, physically frail and mentally weak, Jeremy set about filling his time by composing and producing music. This album is the culmination of that healing experience. Though there may be moments where the trials of the hermit are audible, the overall result is a solid, balanced, and refined musical and emotional experience. Jeremy lets experimentalism take the foreground without much consideration of genre-based aesthetics or audience expectations. He even lets his sound art roots shine through the use of field recordings. The approach was not solely experimental though; on this album we can hear an evolution of the artist’s sound, still recognizing the quirky dub and progressive rock influences without falling into any established patterns. Each song is a unique experience, linked together by the mindset behind them but also standing alone. This album lets all the emotions come together and overlap: happy, quirky, and energetic; moody, emotional, and serious; sensitive, sensual, and delicate; comedic, light of heart, and playful; and right back around the loop. As intense as this story is, Jeremy has always maintained a strong belief in humor and playfulness as a true force of nature and in the case of this album, laughter really is the best medicine.

  1. Catmas And Dogmas (92.5 BPM)
  2. It Cannot Be Helped (- BPM)
  3. A Peculiar Musty Scent (118 BPM)
  4. Imaginary Concert (- BPM)
  5. Feel Something (82 BPM)
  6. Clown Farts (115 BPM)
  7. Stop What You’re Doing (120 BPM)
  8. Where Was I? (- BPM)

All music composed, performed, produced, and mixed by Jeremy Costa.
Vocals on track 5 by Bridget Debernardi; vocals on track 7 by Karina Ultra K.
Analogue summing and mastering by Sammy Wags.
Original photography and design by Alexander Synaptic.
Released by Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic [OMNI 016].

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Welcome to the Smörgåsbord, an eclectic selection of delectable audio treats and sonic snacks for your ears. Compiled by Jeremy’s Aura and jointly released by Omnitropic and Maia Brasil Records, this release brings together an extraordinarily talented group of playful, fun-loving musicians. Each and every artist on board has a distinct sound with no compromise to artistic individuality and integrity. This compilation is presented with the simple intention of sharing the one thing we all have in common—the love of music!

  1. Globular – Playing For Rain (101 BPM)
  2. TRD – Derive And Detach (85 BPM)
  3. Radioactive Sandwich – Everything Is Awesome (65 BPM)
  4. Jeremy’s Aura – Drinking Cornish Clouds (105 BPM)
  5. Easily Embarrassed – The Capital (96 BPM)
  6. Shantam – Fiddle Sticks (100 BPM)
  7. Spacey Koala – My Cat Is A Dragon (108/128 BPM)
  8. Tron Sepia – Salamander (137.77 BPM)
  9. Supersillyus – Enigmagician (99 BPM)
  10. Ekoplex – Nama (128 BPM)
  11. Zoungla – Flower Sun (75 BPM)

All music written and produced by the respective artists.
Additional credits: Bridget Debernardi (vocals on track 4); Gabrielle Laufer (vocals on track 8); Ariane Brien-Legault (spoken word on track 8); Shantdeep (vocals on track 10).
Analogue summing and mastering by Sammy Wags.
Original hand-drawn artwork and design by Jeremy Costa.
Released by Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic [OMNI 015].

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Jeremy’s Aura – Being and Becoming…

Jeremy's Aura - Being and Becoming...

Jeremy’s Aura represents but one of the musical directions of Jeremy Costa, a Montreal-based artist with a creative background in painting, sound installation, and progressive rock. Here he presents his debut full-length album, jointly released by Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic: Being And Becoming… His sound is a free-ranging celebration of many diverse musical influences, from Shpongle, Argaman, Globular, Ott, Infected Mushroom, and Ekoplex to Devin Townsend, Buckethead, King Crimson, Tool, Frank Zappa, Schrodinger Kats, Dream Theater, and many more. With an eager exploration of various activation frequencies, tuning modes, and tempo changes, Jeremy’s music playfully shifts from atmospheric ambient and soothing downtempo into progressive psychedelic environments and back again, always moderating experimentalism with a strong sense of musicality that will not be lost on listeners.

  1. Kepulangan (100/105/100 BPM)
  2. Roots In A Lattice (85/140/120 BPM)
  3. Satire Of The Sleuth (100/75/98 BPM)
  4. Superhero Island (65/70/75 BPM)
  5. Pineal Gamelan (75/80/90 BPM)
  6. Reincorporate (125 BPM)
  7. Being And Becoming… (80 BPM)

All music composed, performed, mixed, and produced by Jeremy Costa.
Analogue summing and mastering by Sammy Wags.
Original photography and design by Alexander Synaptic (more info).
Released by Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic [OMNI 014].

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DJ Basilisk – The Colours Of Ektoplazm

DJ Basilisk - The Colours Of Ektoplazm

DJ Basilisk proudly presents The Colours Of Ektoplazm, a 5-hour, 69-track midtempo and downtempo odyssey featuring 100% Creative Commons licensed content released through the Ektoplazm free music portal. This mix explores the incredible diversity of Ektoplazm’s electronic music catalogue, shifting seamlessly between intricate breakbeat patterns and pulsating four-by-four rhythms, touching on all points of the sonic spectrum from deep trance and psy dub to psybreaks, glitch, IDM, and beatless ambient. Recorded in two sessions at Hexing Studio, Taipei, with Traktor and a Korg Nanokontrol.

  1. Lauge – Snowflake (Oxya Remix) [Neurotrance Records]
  2. Brujo’s Bowl – Brujo’s Drift [Arkona Creation]
  3. Integer – Ventilation (Operon Remix) [Golden Orb Records]
  4. SeaMoon – Purple Juice [Chillbasement]
  5. Spectrum Vision – Sympotronic [Sentimony Records]
  6. Crossing Mind – The Last Breath [Underground Alien Factory Records]
  7. Phone Booth Robbers – DRTFM [Omnitropic]
  8. Radioactive Sandwich – Mango [Omnitropic]
  9. Easily Embarrassed – Little Match Sister [EE Records]
  10. Perfect Blind – Syncope (Remastered) [Ektoplazm]
  11. Harmonic Frequency – Fractions Of Time [Psyderweb Records]
  12. Globular – This, Here, Now [Omnitropic]
  13. Kaminanda – Temple Of De’Light [Independent]
  14. Tentura – Aurora [Sentimony Records]
  15. Specialmind – Soul Language [Sentimony Records]
  16. Specialmind – The Missing Particle [Sentimony Records]
  17. EurythmY – Not A Love Song [Independent]
  18. Messy Mass vs Baba Gnohm – Yes, I Like Shawarma (Remastered) [Independent]
  19. Phsiris – Spooky Seamen [Independent]
  20. Midiskibis – Searching For Pnakotic Manuscripts [Freudian Slip Records]
  21. Parus – Afterlife [Silent Existence]
  22. Mindex feat. Spinner – Across The Universe [Time Resonance Music]
  23. Hypnagog – Still Dreaming [UP Records]
  24. Spectrum Vision – Electro System [Sentimony Records]
  25. Sephira – Learning To Walk [Merkaba Records]
  26. Kurbeats – Sub Serum [Event Horizon]
  27. Ecometric – Dub Molecule [PsyberTribe Records]
  28. Hypnagog – Ontologicality [UP Records]
  29. Phobosphere – Serious Vacation [Ektoplazm]
  30. Raparuma – Three Worlds [Infinity Loop Music]
  31. Etnoscope – Freedom [Ektoplazm & Panzar Produktionz]
  32. Globular – Nahajai [Independent]
  33. Radioactive Sandwich – Drip Drop [Neurotrance Records]
  34. Wolfen Technologies – River Magic [Triple Drop Productions]
  35. Kurbeats – Lemming Leisures [Event Horizon]
  36. Supersillyus – Interabang [Independent]
  37. Globular – C-Happy [Gliese 581C]
  38. Xpirimint – Rain Dance [Neurotrance Records]
  39. Kaminanda – Subterranean Fountain [Independent]
  40. Radioactive Sandwich – Sigogglin [Omnitropic]
  41. Maharishi – Call Of The Ancients [Space Baby Records &]
  42. Lunar Dawn – Blessings From Irij (Perfect Blind Remix) [Neogoa]
  43. IooN – Aes Drama [Psyderweb Records]
  44. By The Rain – Occulting Lights [Astronautic Records]
  45. Soulacybin – Soldier Of Dub [Psyderweb Records]
  46. Tara Putra – Dubland Coastline [Gliese 581C]
  47. Hello Mellow – A Passage In Time [Gliese 581C]
  48. Wolfen Technologies – Caveman [Triple Drop Productions]
  49. Beatroots – Drawing Straws [Triple Drop Productions]
  50. Wolfen Technologies – Senses [Independent]
  51. SourOne – Beyond The Beyond [Glitchy.Tonic.Records]
  52. Sigil – Materialism [Glitchy.Tonic.Records]
  53. Globular – To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space [Omnitropic]
  54. Supersillyus – Collide-O-Scope [Independent]
  55. Itsu – Monsoon [Independent]
  56. Brujo’s Bowl – Realization Dub [Arkona Creation]
  57. Quanta – The Passage [Enig’matik Records]
  58. Zebbler Encanti Experience – Psychic Projections (Bogtrotter Remix) [Gravitas Recordings]
  59. Lunar Vegetarian – Phoenix Down [Purple Hexagon Records]
  60. Quanta – Recept [Enig’matik Records]
  61. Phone Booth Robbers – Dangerous Creatures [Omnitropic]
  62. Globular – Dance Of The Logarithm [Independent]
  63. Lauge & Baba Gnohm – Southern Hemisphere [Soundmute Recordings]
  64. Easily Embarrassed – Nothing But Spirit [EE Records]
  65. Interconnekted – Mystical Consciousness [Independent]
  66. Supersillyus – Palindromeda [Independent]
  67. Hinkstep – Moonwalk On Mushroom Street [Omnitropic]
  68. NeiRula – Approaching To Pulsar [Sentimony Records]
  69. Phobium – Crossing The Heliopause [Omnitropic]

Artwork by Alexander Synaptic (more info).
Released by Ektoplazm and Omnitropic [EKTMX01/OMNI MX01].

Download: MP3 / FLAC / WAV

Special thanks to Rob Aldred (of Cosmic Soundwaves, Protean Soundwaves, and The Psychedelic Muse) for his creative input, inspiration, and patronage. If you enjoy these sounds we’d like to invite you to the Psybient community on Reddit!

This mix is also available from Ektoplazm.

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!

Phobium – Oort Cloud

Phobium - Oort Cloud

Norwegian multi-genre producer Phobium (Henning H. Ottesen) returns to Omnitropic, Ektoplazm‘s downtempo and ambient sublabel, with this elegant work of conceptual space music and deep trance. This is the story of the first manned mission to travel through the immense cloud that surrounds our solar system, the place where comets are born, the Oort Cloud.

  1. The Cloud At A Distance
  2. Drifting Past Comets (105 BPM)
  3. Crossing The Heliopause (145 BPM)
  4. Into The Interstellar Medium (99 BPM)
  5. Towards Proxima Centauri (101 BPM)
  6. Distant Sol

Mastered by Colin Bennun.
Artwork by Alexander Synaptic (more info).
Released by Omnitropic [OMNI 013].

Download: MP3 / FLAC / WAV

Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage. You are encouraged to share, copy, broadcast, and perform this release!